About Us

Renegades bike club was founded to create a venue for riders in southern Ulster county, NY. With fuel prices rising and the "go green" revolution in full stride a group of us felt that we should try to ride closer to home.

There are great trails throughout the area but most are a minimum 40 minute drive. We get to a number of these trails during the riding season but for our everyday workouts closer is better. Hence the collaboration with the Town of Wawarsing (Ulster county) and the Town of Liberty ( Sullivan county).

Back in the summer of 2009 a group of us approached the Town of Wawarsing with the concept of creating a network of trails in Lippman park. Then in late 2011 we got into negotiations with the Town of Liberty to add trails to Walnut mountain. The first year we put in over 800 man hours into trail creation. And since then it has been a steady rise in volunteer hours and membership.

Since that first shovel hit the ground back in September of 2009 we have created 15+ miles at Lippman park and about 9 miles at Walnut mountain. 

As of the fall of 2013 Lippman is pretty much maxed out for trail creation opportunities but we will be adding more features and tweaking the trails to add more “fun factor” to the riding. Walnut mountain on the other hand is no where near completion. With over 265 acres to play on we are just getting started.

And not that we don’t have enough on our plates we are also in talks with the New York Department of Conservation to begin construction of “epic” single track in the Vernooy Kill State Forest which abuts Lippman park. We hope to be building trails there soon.

If you are in the area and would like a little help getting around the trails for your first time-drop us a note and we would be happy to take you on a tour.